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Dr Kate’s academic profile

“Kate McAlpine is a true inspiration to work with. She is an extremely empathetic facilitator. She is also acutely aware of the need to understand the culture, context and the policy environment. Kate is interested in systems and evidence, which sets her apart and enables us to make headway. She delivers!”

Dr Minou Fuglesang, Femina Hip.

I help organisations that want to do the right thing and achieve long lasting positive change.

I am a consistently high performer; with a global worldview, an incisive mind, and 25 years experience as a social entrepreneur in East Africa. I am a maximiser who seeks the optimal outcome; and a strategist who can navigate and communicate complexity.

My expertise in human and organisational development has been deployed as a researcher, change consultant and coach. I am a lifelong learner with a track record of excellence.

I have had a portfolio career whose unifying theme has been to enable people to thrive in the face of uncertainty and change. I offer clients

  • Constructive challenge;
  • An acute emotional intelligence; and
  • A toolbox that helps them to work effectively in complex situations

I possess the courage and skills to facilitate challenging and constructive conversations and to equip clients to question their own assumptions.

Corporate portfolio

  • Director Doing the Right Thing – Research, Coaching & Organisational Development.
  • Founder & Director Citizens 4 Change. We catalyse, tap into, and learn from the collective intelligence of a crowdof child protectors in East Africa.
  • Director ConnectGo – SMS technology that enables the measurement of social impact.

Skills & services

  1. Facilitation & coaching with young leaders and civil society activists. I provide them with constructive challenges; support them to take up new perspectives; and help them build their emotional literacy and capacity to be a servant leader.
  2. Strategy & Programme Design with organisations to help them determine their mission and how to realise it; how to measure the social value that they create; and how to manage organisational and cultural change.
  3. Participatory & Appreciative Action Research that enables people on the margins to find their voice and undertake collective action. My ongoing research seeks to understand how East Africans resolve the collective action problem of violence against children.
  4. Data science for social impact. I have developed a SMS and data analytics platform that civil society organisations to track their social impact

Clients include:

  • Action on Postpartum Psychosis: Strategic thinking (UK).
  • Children in Crossfire: Evaluation of their early childhood development programme; strategic thinking; interim Country Director (Tanzania).
  • Child’s i Foundation: SMS platform to engage with and monitor the effectiveness of child protection volunteers (Uganda).
  • Embassy of Ireland: Building organizational capacity to learn how to learn (Tanzania).
  • Femina Hip: Strategic planning; analysis of the social return on investment (Tanzania).
  • Institutions 4 Inclusive Development funded by UK Aid: Research into the preconditions for inclusive development (Tanzania).
  • Porticus Foundation: Research into protective factors and adversity facing young children in urban settlements. Research into the prevalence of violence against students in Catholic schools (Tanzania).
  • Save the Children: Analysis of child rights governance. Evaluation of early childhood development programme (Tanzania).
  • Sir Robert McAlpine: Coaching women leaders. Research on inclusion in construction (UK).
  • The Hygiene Bank: Strategy design and impact measurement (UK).
  • The Swedish Embassy: Longitudinal study to aggregate the return from investment in civil society (Tanzania).
  • Twaweza: Research into the effects of an incentives system to improve school performance (Tanzania).
  • UNICEF: Consultations with 12,000 women and children to inform the development of the National Plan of Action to End Violence (Tanzania).
  • Womens Fund Tanzania: Participatory action research to develop a model of community based violence eradication (Tanzania).

Research bibliography can be found here.

Connections & Recognition

  • Awarded the Dianne Kipnes Endowment Fund for Social Innovation.
  • Level 1 Associate Practitioner status by Social Value UK on behalf of Social Value International.
  • Awarded the Remarkable Woman Award by the Woman Leaders Association.
  • Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, Design and Manufacturing.
  • Member of Re-construct, a Community of Practice exploring equality and inclusion in major projects.
  • Fellow Institute of Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University.
  • Associate Researcher at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships at The University of Edinburgh.
  • Recipient of the STARS impact award for the best child protection agency in East Africa (2009).




Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human & Organizational Systems (2015). Dissertation. Doing the Right Thing to Protect Children in Tanzania.
An Explanatory Theory of the Basic Psychological Process of Doing the Right Thing, and a Practical Theory to Enable More People to Better Protect Children.

Scholarship for academic performance.

Fielding Graduate University, USA.

MA in Human Development (2012)

Fielding Graduate University, USA

MA in Organizational Management & Development (2006)

Fielding Graduate University, USA

MA in Modern History (2006)

Oxford University

BA in Modern History (1994)

Oxford University


  • Social Value & SROI Accredited Practitioner Training (2020), Social Value UK.
  • Entrepreneurship (2018) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
  • Integral Studies (2013) at Fielding Graduate University, USA.
  • Coaching Presence – Neuroscience & the Practice of Mindfulness (2008), Fielding Graduate University, USA. • Evidence Based Coaching (2007), Fielding Graduate University, USA.