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to thrive


About Dr Kate

Kate helps organisations that want to do the right thing achieve good, long lasting change. She is a consistently high performer; with a global worldview, an incisive mind, and 25 years experience as a social entrepreneur in East Africa.

She is a maximiser who seeks the optimal outcome; and a strategist who can navigate and communicate complexity. Her expertise in human & organisational development has been deployed as a researcher, change consultant & coach…

The unifying theme of her portfolio career has been to enable people to thrive in the face of uncertainty & change. She offers clients constructive challenge; an acute emotional intelligence; & a toolbox that helps them navigate complexity. She possesses the courage and skills to facilitate challenging & constructive conversations; and to equip clients to question & evidence their own assumptions.

Over the past twenty five years she has founded and run six social enterprises; three in the operationally challenging context of Tanzania. Each has been characterised by a desire to put the following personal values into action.

  • Curiosity & enthusiasm to explore and learn;
  • Influence people’s ability to thrive;
  • Wisdom so that I & those I impact are able to make good, moral decisions that better society;
  • Growth of my & others’ intellect, spirit & scope for action;
  • Meaningful work that has a positive impact on other people’s lives & on the system in which we collectively operate.


Kate’s clients include Government agencies, funders & philanthropists, research bodies & community builders; all of whom claim an aspiration to do the right thing for society… read more.


Kate is a member of various communities of practice, all oriented towards learning about and fostering wellbeing & measuring the social value that is created when people thrive… read more.


Read Kate’s reflections and learning from over 20 years working in international development, group facilitation and coaching… read more.

Kate McAlpine is a true inspiration to work with. She is an extremely empathetic facilitator. She is also acutely aware of the need to understand the culture, context and the policy environment. Kate is interested in systems and evidence, which sets her apart and enables us to make headway. She delivers!

Dr Minou Fuglesang, Femina Hip.

Kate is the founder of Citizens 4 Change, a social lab that seeks to understand and resolve the complex social challenge of violence against children.

See her work at Citizens 4 Change

Data science for social impact. Kate has developed a tech platform that enables us to listen to, talk with, and learn from people who behave prosocially and who live on the digital margins.

Explore the data platform Kate is developing at ConnectGo

Participatory & Appreciative Action. Research that enables people on the margins to find their voice and undertake collective action. Kate’s ongoing research seeks to understand how East Africans resolve the collective action problem of violence against women & children.

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